Owl Moon

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October 2015 – 24 x 36 inches – Acrylic

This painting was completed as a wedding present for my dear friends Kristin and Dave. I have known them both for many years and served as the best man in their wedding. Having knowledge of their interests and personalities, I wanted this painting to combine many deep elements which the couple would find meaningful. The piece now hangs above the fireplace in their library.

owl moon roman gitlarz

The Golden Plume

The Golden Plume by Roman Gitlarz

July 2015 – 16 x 40 inches – Acrylic – For Sale

This painting was originally supposed to be a simple white feather atop a colorful background. As in my previous painting, Feather of Truth, it was inspired by the Egyptian hieroglyph symbolizing Ma’at. Mid-way through painting, I decided to give it a mystical and otherworldly quality so I added the metallic gold paint. It reflects light from certain angles (see pictures below). I like to imagine that it’s the plume of some ancient creature from mythology, perhaps a Sphinx or Pegasus.




Modesty by Roman Gitlarz

December 2014 – 51 x 36 inches – Acrylic – For Sale

This painting allowed me to branch out of my usual color palate, as I tend to work with neutral and earth-tone colors more than blues and greens. A peacock was the first thing that came to mind when I looked at the paint colors before me and I knew that it would make for a perfect model. This is my largest painting when measured by square inch.



The Sacrifice

king kong altar saccrifice

November 2014 – 20 x 16 inches – Pencil

The original King Kong is one of my favorite movies. I can watch it repeatedly without getting tired of it. It revolutionized cinematic special effects, soundtracks, and told a story which still hasn’t lost its appeal. The sacrificial scene is one of my favorites, and I knew I would greatly enjoy drawing all of the details from the altar and wall. The angle of the drawing was never shown on-screen, so I needed to use behind-the-scenes photos and multiple screencaps to ensure that the details were correct.



For Liza


October 2014 – 24 x 18 inches – Acrylic

This image was painted for my good friend Liza. The leaves of the tree are painted in metallic silver so that they reflect light. This gives the painting multiple appearances. Sometimes the background colors pop, other times they are overshadowed by the reflection of the leaves. The trunk and branches appear lighter than the leaves from certain angles and darker than the leaves from others. The silver paint was not part of my concept, but I am glad that I was feeling experimental at the time.

roman gitlarz


Cleopatra Magna

painting crown vulture cleopatra

March 2014 – 24 x 48 inches – Mixed-Media

The goal of this project was to try something that I’ve never done before. I was doodling a sketch of Cleopatra in her vulture crown when I realized how beautiful it would look if the feathers actually protruded from the canvas. And so, my first mixed media painting was born. I began with a traditional acrylic painting of Cleopatra’s face. I then molded four pieces of clay to be glued to the canvas: the vulture head, two pieces of crown lining, and the top of the ear. The final pieces were the feathers, 191 in total! Each feather was hand-cut from cardstock and painted with four layers of silver paint.

roman gitlarz



drawing, pencil, cleopatra

April 2014 – 20 x 16 inches – Pencil

Although I’ve had an interest in Cleopatra since I was twelve years old, I never sought out Cecil B. DeMille’s movie portrayal of the queen until this year. Like all the other silver screen Cleopatras, the movie was full of inaccuracies. But what it lacked in history, it made up for in visuals. I was captivated by the elaborate and imaginative sets built for the film. The throne room scene at the end of the movie took my breath away and I knew that I would have to capture it on paper.



Feather of Truth

Feather of Truth by Roman Gitlarz

March 2014 – 24 x 48 inches – Acrylic

The feather of truth is my favorite ancient Egyptian hieroglyph. It was the symbol of Ma’at, the force of truth, justice, and karma. This belief was so important to the Egyptians that they personified in the form of a goddess of the same name. In Egyptian mythology, the feather is weighed against the heart after death and only those without the heaviness of sin will pass into the afterlife.



Paris Overcast


January 2013 – 25 x 18 inches – Acrylic – Sold

I was sitting at home one summer when I was overcome with a desire to paint the Eiffel Tower. I only had two 12 x 18 inch canvases at home. Rather than wait until I went to the craft store, I decided to make-do with what I had. I spaced the canvases like the panes of a window and gave them a frosted look. When finished, the colors and patterns reminded me of fog, snow, and clouds, which gave the painting its name.

paris overcast by roman gitlarz



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January 2013 – 38 x 75 inches – Acrylic

Illumination was my first multiple-canvas painting. It was also the first painting I completed without a concept drawing preceding it. It was very liberating to add colors and shapes without a guide and this practice soon became a standard for me. I chose an asymmetrical layout because it was so different from anything I had ever done before. The tree took seven times longer to paint than the entire background and border.

roman, gitlarz, illumination, modern, multiple, canvas, art, multi, modern, simple, stylish, orange, tree, painting